Over the years by DnA has had the privilege to have delivered several impressive projects.

Security Survey for Namport – Walvis Bay, Namibia – 2015

The Namibian Ports Authority or Namport is the national port authority of Namibia and, among other things, manages Walvis Bay, the country’s largest seaport. In 2014 Namport issued a tender as part of the Namport Process Automation program. The aim was to automate various processes and equipment, thereby increasing operational reliability, productivity and efficiency.

The tender was won by a local party in a joint venture with Solid Port Solutions, one of by DnA’s partners. by DnA was asked to deal with the security aspect of the project.

by DnA performed an on-site risk analysis and examined all security systems, processes and procedures. In addition to reporting the results, DnA made recommendations for improvements at a technical and organizational level and provided input for the tender for the access control system of the port.

ISPS Port Security Plan for a Dutch Port Authority – 2018/2019

The port authority of a medium-sized seaport and industrial area in the Netherlands sought help with the extension of its ISPS port security certificate. For this purpose, a port security assessment and a port security plan had to be drawn up and approved by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT), part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

by DnA was the first to evaluate the port authority’s existing port security assessment (HVB) with the Port Security Officer and the municipal security department. Subsequently, by DnA drew up new security risk scenarios and a new Port Security Plan in close collaboration with the Port Security Officer.

The new security risk scenarios and the Port Security Plan were approved by ILT after a positive assessment by the Port Security Assessment Team.

Security review for TICTS – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – 2018/2019

Tanzania International Container Terminal (TICTS) in Dar es Salaam is the largest container terminal in Tanzania. TICTS handles three-quarters of the country’s trade, making it a vital part of the supply chain to and from the region.

TICTS approached by DnA in 2018 to assist in improving their security. The aim was to use the external security organization more efficiently and effectively and to set up a quality management system to assess it.

by DnA conducted a risk assessment of the organizational, structural and electronic security of TICTS and analyzed whether these measures complied with the ISPS Code and C-TPaT. Based on this analysis, by DnA drew up a long-term security strategy and a tender for a new security supplier. She also supervised the service level agreement for this supplier and established KPIs.

Security Management System for NetApp – Nederland – 2016

NetApp is a Fortune 500 company from Sunnyvale, California that offers cloud and data management services. The Dutch head office approached by DnA in 2016 to conduct a risk analysis of the existing security organisation and to develop a new security management system.

For the risk analysis, by DnA interviewed various managers in order to identify the most risky business units and to assess existing security. Based on the results, she made recommendations, which formed the basis for the security management system. NetApp rolled out this system worldwide upon delivery.

In addition, by DnA drew up a security plan for the company’s EMEA region, which included a service level agreement and KPI’s for the various security services. This plan also served as a workable blueprint for implementation in NetApp’s IT environment.